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Our DataLeap™ software is the new generation of production data management. It gives you an overview of all production flows, an insight into all manufacturing processes and specific indications of untapped potential for optimisation in your production.

DataLeap™ features intelligent interfaces that interlink all of the production data in your business, across all departments. Operating, machine and quality management data are collected and interlinked. This brings complete transparency to your production flows including order processing, process times and absence periods, so you can see immediately where optimisation is possibe or even necessary.

Every business is different, which is why DataLeap™ is composed of clearly defined modules that can be individually combined. There is also a selection of three preconfigured module packages: from a convenient introduction to data management to the professional deployment of all available resources for maximum efficiency.


The DataLeap™ Modules

Unlike systems designed with a fixed structure, DataLeap™ is made up of clearly-defined modules.

These can be combined to the customers specifications, depending on how production is organized. These self-contained functional modules open up the data world behind machines and processes, enabling you to produce more quickly.  In the process, the module acts as a window on your production system. The following aspects can be viewed in the modules, either in real time or as a summary: 

  • control
  • tracking
  • recording
  • reporting
DataLeap™ DDE/OPC Client (Data collection)
Fully-automated database-supported acquisition of all production-related data from ESAB machines (log file, XML, CSV file).

DataLeap™ DataAccess (Third-party machine connection)
Visualization of production data from third-party machine connections and feedback of product-related data for working process optimization, integrated operator interface on all machines/workstations, job-related product information displayed directly on the unit.

DataLeap™ Customer (Requirements Specification)

DataLeap™ Database
All of the data required for the specific production process from work planning and production are provided in a structured form in an open database (job shop, steel construction, shipbuilding).

DataLeap™ Nesting Interface (Nesting system connection)
Interface for manufacturer-independent connection of DATA LEAP™ to COLUMBUS™ and other nesting systems.

DataLeap™ ERP Interface (Planning system connection)
Connection to customers ERP systems. Allows bi-directional data exchange, for example with the Jobs, Parts or Materials elements.

DataLeap™ WorkshopView (Visualization of operating processes)
Automatically updated visualization of all machines/workstations connected to DataLeap™ with detailed display including process data, operating conditions and job/production schedules.

DataLeap™ Statistics (Statistical Evaluation)
Standardized software for the evaluation-aiding display and statistical analysis of the customer-specific production database as a foundation for quality optimization in reporting.

DataLeap™ EventControl (Malfunction Database)
The malfunction database is where all the non job-related standing times and down times of the connected workstations are recorded and prepared for the reporting system.

DataLeap™ Maintenance
The collection of wear and consumption data and the documentation of maintenance measures make it possible to plan for maintenance management.

DataLeap™ JobCycle (Detailed job planning)
Flexible tool for sequencing in production and automatic execution control on ESAB machines prepared for the purpose.

DataLeap™AutoControl (Production Automation)
Modern control station technology for the optimized, synchronous production process with direct implementation of all planning data and integration of different controls, machines and peripheral units into a continuous production chain.




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